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April 20th, 2010

Sky Awards – More Information

Posted on 2010.04.20 at 06:22

Feng Zhang of the Sky Awards has been in touch with some more information about how the awards work, including news of two additional categories. The awards have some interesting features, being a combination of fan-voted and juried. We are particularly interested by the decision to have a bigger long list for the preliminary ballot in short form fiction compared to that for long form fiction. Given that Hugo nominations generally show a wider choice by the electorate as the length of the fiction shortens, this could be a smart move.

Readers may be familiar with the Galaxy Awards, run by the best-selling Chinese magazine, Science Fiction World. These are the only other Chinese awards that we are aware of. However, we understand that they restrict eligibility to works published in the magazine. The Sky Awards are open to any work published in mainland China.

Originally published at Science Fiction Awards Watch. Please leave any comments there.

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