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March 4th, 2009

2009 Million Writers Award

Posted on 2009.03.04 at 05:42

Rick Bowes writes to tell us that the 2009 Million Writers Award is open for business. This is a reader-voted award for online short fiction (of at least 1,000 words). While it is technically a mainstream award, the methodology, and the prevalence of online genre short fiction magazines, has meant that genre works have done very well in the past. Cheryl now has a vested interest in the process, because stories from Clarkesworld are eligible. If you read online short fiction, please get involved.

We also note that, due to the economic downturn, the award has lost its sponsor. The award’s founder, Jason Sanford, is putting up some of his own money for the prize, but he’s asking for donations as well. You can help out here.

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2008 Aeon Award Results

Posted on 2009.03.04 at 10:32
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Frank Ludlow writes with the results of this year’s Aeon Award. Here’s what the press release has to say:

40 stories were shortlisted in the 2008 Award, which is a record for us, and means we must be doing something right! Of those 40, 7 seven were chosen by the judging panel to go to Ian Watson for the final verdict. Ian chose as winner “Twinkle, Twinkle” by British author Colin Henchley, who receives the 1000 euro Grand Prize and publication in the next issue (#36) of Albedo One. Ian remarked that “the winner has to be “Twinkle, Twinkle” because it’s so incredibly powerful and vividly written. The morphine idea is brilliant. The sight of an apparent airman on the wing is a shocker…”

In second place Ian chose “Aegis” by U.S. author David T. Neale, who receives 200 euro and will be published in issue 37 of Albedo One. Ian commented that the story was “wonderfully descriptive and powerful and mythopoeic.” In third place was “The Better to See You With” by U.S. author Allison Francisco. Ian commented that the story “reminds me in its stylishness & atmosphere of Ray Bradbury or Tom Reamy… a lovely idea… very evocative…” The story will be published later this year in issue 38 of Albedo One.

That’s nearly all there is to say, except we should emphasise that all decisions are made without knowledge of the author’s name or nationality, and that the names of all authors in the shortlist are now available online. It’s also notable that of the top 40, some 18 were by female authors. Who says spec fic is dominated by men!

The Aeon Award 2009 is currently open to submissions, and hopes to continue to promote new writers and writing in the speculative fiction genres.

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